A Asset Management is a software that streamlines the A-Z of hotel operations. It is a set of fully integrated modules that handle reservation, room operations, housekeeping, guest engagement, banqueting and so. Playing a significant role in increasing a hotel’s efficiency and revenue, the hotel management software has become an inseparable part of your company.

Product Highlights

  • Management Dashboard
    Hotel’s key performance metrics can now be tracked from a single dashboard without running multiple reports. This is available on both Frontdesk and Mobile App.
  • Report Scheduler
    It enables hotel staff to send certain reports to management at specific time automatically to have a close look at the hotel operations.
  • Reservation Management
    The HMS maintains up-to-the minute updated reservation dashboard, auto-fill returning guests with history, apply promo codes and special discounts, charge extra and facilitate your guests with late arrival/check-in, early check-in, late checkout, extensive rate plans and options to personlize bookings and stays, accept group reservations and much more.
  • Housekeeping
    The HMS manages daily task list assignment, frontdesk monitoring, manage room status from housekeeping area and frontdesk staff can view the room update status in real-time.
  • Revenue Management
    The HMS allows you to set rates for your rooms, provides occupancy forecast for the next 360 days, shows aggregated data on local market demand and provides updated rate intelligence from the competitors.
  • Reputation Management
    The application collects personalized feedback from guests, see reviews from multiple platforms, analyze and understand the guest sentiment and also manages reviews and boosts online rating and reputation.
  • Accounting Management
    The HMS auto syncs to the accounting system to do automatic direct billing from the front desk while enabling easy management of invoices, payables, ageing reports and deductions. It also handles credits and commissions given to TAs and corporate clients.